Tutorial : Seo Video | Video Seo Marketing Online seo tools on bulkping for Website Seo Video

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This is a brief summary of the areas we will cover as we progress through the video series.
Video 1: Introduction to the Backlinks Blueprint We shall begin by going over the importance of developing quality backlinks. Learn how to make effective use of free tools to start on this.
Video 2: Backlink Ninja Trick – EDU Google attaches great value to .edu sites. There are several pertinent issues we will cover when it comes to handling such sensitive sites.
Video 3: Backlink Ninja Trick – GOV .gov sites are also highly recognized by Google and should be carefully handled. These are also highly sensitive sites that you can make use of but must handle with kid gloves. You can’t afford to be careless on a government website.
Video 4: Backlink Ninja Trick – Articles Are Not Dead Although Google caused a panic by cutting Ezinearticles.com’s traffic by almost half, this doesn’t mean articles are obsolete. The key is always to maintain quality content and this will automatically attract good backlinks. I will give you a strategy to ensure ongoing success so as to avoid a possible but unlikely Google ban.
Video 5: SEO Trick – Facebook Super networking site, Facebook, is an excellent resource. I will show you how to create interesting and fun facebook fan pages to rank as one of the top sites.
Video 6: Backlink Explosion Trick And Automation In this final video of the series. This process can be tricky and possibly backfire but I will show you how to avoid the pitfalls and make it work for you. We will look at some software that can speed up the process if you are interested in taking that route.
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